Three Things

If you have the following three things inside you, your life is beautiful…

The habitants of a small Anatolian village gathered at a plateau for a collective rain prayer in a very dry season. All villagers attended the prayer in person. Only one of them had an umbrella.

This is FAITH.

Daddies bounce their babies or toddlers into the air and the kids are taken by laughter. They never think of falling down on the ground. Because their dads would capture them no matter what.

This is THRUST.

When we go to bed each night, there is no guarantee that we will wake up the following morning and continue living. We make plans about the following day regardless.

This is HOPE.

And if you have these three, your life is beautiful…

This is a translation from a teaching of Professor Ustun Dokmen, a famous academician and psychologist in Turkey.

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