The Red Month of the Gray Winter…

For many on Earth, February is the shortest and one of the sweetest months of the year mostly on account of its red atmosphere dominated by hearts, fresh flowers, chocolate, gift exchanges of perfumes, jewelries and so many other things. Although there is one Gregorian calendar, everyone has their own version of it depending on their personal history and the part of the world they live in. As I live in the Garden State, which is wrapped up in a shade of gray and occasionally covered in snow after all big trees lose their leaves and which might use a little bit of more sunshine, for me February is the red month of the gray winter. It is also my very special month in which both of my boys were born and my hearth became the home of a breathtaking form of love.

As much as we all like the “love is in the air” marketing atmosphere of the month, we pretty much know that Valentine’s day should have a more in depth meaning other than dining out at fancier restaurants or having expensive gift exchanges. No doubt that we are experiencing relatively harder times which can make use of this economic stimulation. However, I am a firm believer in the motto of “less is more” especially when it comes to the expression of a supreme feeling such as love. We often buy gifts or flowers for our loved ones but tend to keep the words and feelings to ourselves for the most part. How about making a change this Valentine’s day and doing something extraordinary and modest by trying to customize the way we express our feelings? It could be trying to put it into words why a person is so special for you. Perhaps writing a poem or revitalizing the memories of a past moment that left a very special trace in your heart in writing. It could as well be making a craft or trying a different recipe, knitting something, painting a picture or preparing a special photograph album for your loved ones.

Although we all experience different kinds of love, it is difficult to define it. Obviously it is a very strong form of positive energy. Perhaps it is the supreme feeling that encompasses many different feelings. Fear (being afraid to lose), courage (taking risks), jealousy, happiness, sadness, waiving, self-abandonment, patience, being silly, you name it… Maybe it is a form of theft: you steal someone’s heart and mind and someone steals yours :). As love has so many layers or components, at times it might not be that easy to express it. Thank God we do not need Valentine’s Day to express our love or we are not limited by one day to disclose our feelings either. However, this very commercial but kind of fun day might serve a good purpose by making us explore our hearts and urging us to express our feelings.

So explore and join your hearts and appreciate the presence of all forms of love in your lives. May it be the love for your spouse, parents, significant other, children, friends, pets, places, houses…Just any form of it that adds beautiful colors to your life…

PS: Here is my little Valentine’s Day gift to the readers: my favorite love poem by Rumi. I am happy to share it with you.


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