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Istanbul, you are my youth and a decade of my life. You once were my dream when I was a teenager. Then you have been my teacher, my confidant, my happiness, my frustration, my disappointment, my excitement, my tester, my pain, my healer…A big part of me is always yours.
I was only 18 the day I looked at you in the eye…You were charming, mesmerizing, captivating and so mysterious. At that very moment, you swept me off my feet. You were a goddess, a sultana, an Esméralda-kind-of gypsy and sometimes could be quite a bitch. Interestingly, our first encounter was Continue reading


It has been quite some time since the last time I posted on my blog. Editing, translation & interpreting assignments along with precious endeavors of motherhood render life busy enough and writing often becomes a luxurious activity timewise. Recently, I took some time to combine two lovely fields which caused my soul to grow a lot in different ways. Yoga & Painting. Having experimented in oils for the last ten years and trying to explore the peaceful and magical world of yoga for the last six years, I have realized that painting and yoga had so much in common. First of all, they both put you in alpha state of mind and cause relaxation. That is to say, both make your mind work for you rather than against you. Secondly, they both require patience, it is unlikely that you will experience downward facing dog the same way in your 1st and 10th efforts, and you get better as time goes by. The more you try, the more you will improve but neither will get easy, for you will start seeing the depth in them. Just like your poses, your brush strokes will evolve continuously over the course of time as you work on your easel. Painting and yoga both come from within even if there is outside instruction, for this reason you have to go inside. Last but not least, both have aesthetics and grace in them. Therefore, I strongly believe that yoga postures would be a good subject matter for painting. So, why not combine them on the easel, I thought.
If a yoga pose were a painting, then the breath would be your brush. Because without the brush, you would not be able to work into it and create those spaces on the canvas. And without breath you would not be able to work into the posture and create the space in your body, mind and soul. You could perhaps muscle yourself into it but not create a space within. Yoga creates space in your body and eventually in your soul and painting creates space in your soul. They both necessitate a lot of patience, time, trial, error and courage.
My paintings which I named Grounded, Like a Tree and Purple Om mark a turning point for me as an artist for I started to feel that my paintings could be appreciated by others and are perhaps ready to make their way out from my home to a bigger world.
Grounded is my first Yoga painting. I named it that way because the girl in the painting turned out to be perfectly grounded and was able to reach in the sky so smoothly. Hopefully, we will all be grounded in Yoga and our lives like the girl in the painting.
The tree-pose painting reminded me the verses of Nazim Hikmet, a famous Turkish poet and I would like to share the translation of those verses here because they visited my mind so often as I was painting.
“To live! Like a tree, alone and free
Like a forest in brotherhood”


Currently, our World could use this mentality, for it would be a much better place if everyone made an effort to get along with each other and learn to live together. In other words, pretending to be a tree could not do any harm to anybody or any country. It will perhaps do the trick. For this reason, I named the painting Like a Tree.
The birth of Purple Om started with an undeniable craving of using purple while painting. I did not know what to paint but I knew I was going to use a lot of purple in it. Purple had to be everywhere, not only in the sky… Snow and ice would serve as a nice mirror to the sky, making my wish come true. I am sure the girl in the painting is able to hear the sound ? created by nature in that stillness in a purply setting.


These three paintings are about to make their debut in the art market. Hopefully, they will accompany and motivate many people while they practice their own art of patience.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for your encouraging appreciation and well-wishes.

The Red Month of the Gray Winter…

For many on Earth, February is the shortest and one of the sweetest months of the year mostly on account of its red atmosphere dominated by hearts, fresh flowers, chocolate, gift exchanges of perfumes, jewelries and so many other things. Although there is one Gregorian calendar, everyone has their own version of it depending on their personal history and the part of the world they live in. As I live in the Garden State, which is wrapped up in a shade of gray and occasionally covered in snow after all big trees lose their leaves and which might use a little bit of more sunshine, for me February is the red month of the gray winter. It is also my very special month in which both of my boys were born and my hearth became the home of a breathtaking form of love.

As much as we all like the “love is in the air” marketing atmosphere of the month, we pretty much know that Valentine’s day should have a more in depth meaning other than dining out at fancier restaurants or having expensive gift exchanges. No doubt that we are experiencing relatively harder times which can make use of this economic stimulation. However, I am a firm believer in the motto of “less is more” especially when it comes to the expression of a supreme feeling such as love. We often buy gifts or flowers for our loved ones but tend to keep the words and feelings to ourselves for the most part. How about making a change this Valentine’s day and doing something extraordinary and modest by trying to customize the way we express our feelings? It could be trying to put it into words why a person is so special for you. Perhaps writing a poem or revitalizing the memories of a past moment that left a very special trace in your heart in writing. It could as well be making a craft or trying a different recipe, knitting something, painting a picture or preparing a special photograph album for your loved ones.

Although we all experience different kinds of love, it is difficult to define it. Obviously it is a very strong form of positive energy. Perhaps it is the supreme feeling that encompasses many different feelings. Fear (being afraid to lose), courage (taking risks), jealousy, happiness, sadness, waiving, self-abandonment, patience, being silly, you name it… Maybe it is a form of theft: you steal someone’s heart and mind and someone steals yours :). As love has so many layers or components, at times it might not be that easy to express it. Thank God we do not need Valentine’s Day to express our love or we are not limited by one day to disclose our feelings either. However, this very commercial but kind of fun day might serve a good purpose by making us explore our hearts and urging us to express our feelings.

So explore and join your hearts and appreciate the presence of all forms of love in your lives. May it be the love for your spouse, parents, significant other, children, friends, pets, places, houses…Just any form of it that adds beautiful colors to your life…

PS: Here is my little Valentine’s Day gift to the readers: my favorite love poem by Rumi. I am happy to share it with you.


Notes from a Yoga Class

Saturday morning our yoga teacher asked us a question which I would like to share here. “What is the difference between curing and healing?” If you look up these words in a thesaurus, you will see that they are defined to be synonymous. However, there ought to be a difference which requires a deeper contemplation. He did not reveal the answer but gave an important hint by saying that “you can be healed but not cured, you might be dying of a disease but be totally healed or you might be cured but not healed.” This question remained with me so I decided to write about it in search of a Continue reading

All That Matters…

Once we reach mid-December a naive joy breezes into our lives. A chatter of so many motivational sayings, inspirational quotes and New Year resolutions starts in the magazines, newspapers, Facebook, Twitter and so on… As much as I am critical of the attitude of perceiving the night of December 31st as a magical one in the morning of which everything will change and all the problems will disappear, I like the effort of making New Year resolutions. I like them in the sense that they provide us with an opportunity to discover the deep connection of things that surround us to our inner selves. At this point I would like to share with you my translation of a short paragraph from a favorite Turkish book of mine called “Küçük Seyler” (Little Things) written by Üstün Dökmen, Professor of Psychology.

“……….An old saying of a Chinese sage: Once you are born you are 1, simply and only 1. As time goes by you add zeros to the right side of 1; you get your diplomas, titles, roles, badges, you buy Continue reading