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Where the Wild Things are…

Pretty much every American who became a parent or a child after 1963 knows the children’s picture book of “Where the Wild Things are”. Let me give a few details for the readers of other cultures. The book, which was written by the American writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak, tells about the little boy Max who steps into a wild world in his imagination after being sent to his room for being a child of mischief by acting wild. In his daydream, he travels to a wild place where he becomes the king of wild things. Those wild things are weird looking big monsters with big rolling eyes and gnashy teeth by the way. They live far far away… Eventually Max feels lonely and longs for love and security. So he voluntarily decides to sail back to his home. As I was not born into the American culture, I got introduced to this book a year ago when my older son turned 4. Actually I like this book a lot in the sense that it is different than the conventional norm of children’s books. Unfortunately, in the real world we are not as lucky as little Max. We cannot leave the wild things behind us just as easily… Sadly, there have always been wild things in every part of the world since the very beginning. And now, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting has collapsed into our lives as a nightmare since Continue reading

Brook Hollows Barnyard

Brook Hollows barnyard is our special place in Denville, NJ. My son adores it and it is where time flows by… There is a bit of everything for a kid in that cozy barnyard which is a home to goats, sheep, pigs, cows, donkeys, peacocks, bunnies, chickens, ponies and alpacas. Observing and feeding them is a fun activity that make  children  experience the farm life, and get used to other domestic animals. However, animals are only a part of the experience. There are pedal tractors and an electric model train which goes through a miniature village as well as a fancy sandbox. Tractor rides and a cow train which take the kids and the Continue reading

Little in Manhattan – A romantic movie for the whole family…

This is a family movie that has it all. It is naïve, natural, funny and moving. I watched it three times over two weeks before returning it to Netflix. Each time, I caught something different.

The story is narrated through the eyes of an 11 year old boy who lives in Manhattan and whose parents are about to get a divorce. In the midst of all these changes in life, the boy falls in love for the very first time…While the movie gives a beautiful description of innocent first love, it has good emphasis on  parent-child relationship especially that of the father & son. It also slightly touches on the basics of maintaining the initial atmosphere of love in a marriage.. This cute story is enhanced visually with Manhattan as the backdrop.

I enjoyed it so much, hope you do too.

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