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Piano Man

It was one of those days that you need something to cheer you up. I had wished for that silently as I was preparing the dinner. Less than an hour later, I heard a sound from the living room. “Billy Joel is on PBS”. It was his concert at Shea Stadium in 2008. Was that my wishful thinking coming true? Better than that, my little one started to dance and he applauded after each song. Continue reading

Little in Manhattan – A romantic movie for the whole family…

This is a family movie that has it all. It is naïve, natural, funny and moving. I watched it three times over two weeks before returning it to Netflix. Each time, I caught something different.

The story is narrated through the eyes of an 11 year old boy who lives in Manhattan and whose parents are about to get a divorce. In the midst of all these changes in life, the boy falls in love for the very first time…While the movie gives a beautiful description of innocent first love, it has good emphasis on  parent-child relationship especially that of the father & son. It also slightly touches on the basics of maintaining the initial atmosphere of love in a marriage.. This cute story is enhanced visually with Manhattan as the backdrop.

I enjoyed it so much, hope you do too.

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