All That Matters…

Once we reach mid-December a naive joy breezes into our lives. A chatter of so many motivational sayings, inspirational quotes and New Year resolutions starts in the magazines, newspapers, Facebook, Twitter and so on… As much as I am critical of the attitude of perceiving the night of December 31st as a magical one in the morning of which everything will change and all the problems will disappear, I like the effort of making New Year resolutions. I like them in the sense that they provide us with an opportunity to discover the deep connection of things that surround us to our inner selves. At this point I would like to share with you my translation of a short paragraph from a favorite Turkish book of mine called “Küçük Seyler” (Little Things) written by Üstün Dökmen, Professor of Psychology.

“……….An old saying of a Chinese sage: Once you are born you are 1, simply and only 1. As time goes by you add zeros to the right side of 1; you get your diplomas, titles, roles, badges, you buy houses and cars. Each of these is a zero. Yet, your value increases as they are added to the right side of 1. Finally you become 10000000000…0. Until when do these zeros have a value? As long as you are in life, as long as there is 1…………”

I like the New Year time as we tend to remember that “1”. I believe that we need to find out the reason behind each New Year resolution. Unless we realize its true connection to us or to the “1”, the resolution is unlikely to stay with us for long. At the end of the day all that matters is keeping in touch with the “1”. The rest will come along the way as it is supposed to be. Have a healthy and peaceful New Year!

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